Practice Areas

Intellectual Property

intellectual property protectionIntellectual property covers a wide range of legal services, including coyprights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets. There are also different applications of these ares of law, including prosecution, licensing and litigation. Proper IP protection can turn even a small start up company into a lucrative business venture. If you think you may have a creative work or invention that is protectable, consult with an IP attorney today to start protecting your assets.

Intellectual Property Services:


Learn more about our copyright services, including filing, infringement monitoring, licensing and enforcement.


Learn more about our trademark services, including clearance searches, registration, licensing and enforcement.


Our licensing services help you monetize your intellectual property and grow your business.

Business Services

sd business practice areasIntellectual property may be considered a subset of law under the broad umbrella of business law. In addition to concerns regarding intellectual property, there are many other issues that are necessary for a successful business. Business law services range from entity formation, structural re-organization, contracts, employment agreements, securities transactions and more. In the unfortunate circumstances where a business relationship goes south, its important to retain an experienced business litigation lawyer to help protect your assets.

Entity Formation

Our business formation services include incorporation, IP protection, asset management, and contract drafting.

Business Litigation

Learn more about our business litigation services, including IP infringement, partnership disputes, breach of contract or dissolution.

Internet Business

Our internet business services pertain to matters involving websites, social media and online transactions.