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A copyright protects certain types of creative or artistic works. Such works include books, writings, music, drawings, paintings, photography, sculptures, architecture, plays, choreography and other nuanced types of creative works. What many people don't realize is that, a copyright is created the instant a creative work is fixed in some form of physical medium (ie. the words are written down on paper or a computer, the photograph is taken, the painting is painted, etc.).

Once an artistic work is created in a tangible form, it is protected, even if it is not registered. The problem however, arises when a person must actually prove when they created the work. This usually is required in cases of copyright infringement. When it comes to infringement, the critical point is who created the work first, and thus has the priority of rights to use the work. If you can't prove you created your work first, then you might not be able to stop others from stealing it, and may be at risk for losing your creation.

That is where copyright registration comes in. Filing your copyright with the USPTO, signifies to the world that you are the legal creator of the work, that you have priority in rights above anyone else who later uses that work, and will show conclusive proof of your ownership in a copyright lawsuit.

In this digital age, where art is created with the click of a button and shared instantly with thousands of people, copyright protection is often overlooked. Creative works can be stolen, copied and plagiarized without any compensation to the creator. Protect your creations by registering your copyright today.

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