Copyrights provide legal protection for creative works, such as writings, music, artwork, movies, architecture and more.
Trademarks are brand symbols identifying goods or services in a particular market as being provided by a particular source.
Licensing agreements can help monetize your intellectual property and generate residual revenues for your efforts.
Internet Law is highly intertwined with modern intellectual property issues, involving technology and business connectivity.
Business Law and IP go hand in hand, as most businesses require at least some form of IP protection or enforcement.

San Diego Intellectual Property Lawyers

Targeted services for the areas where business and law intersect.

The basic core of intellectual property protection involves both transaction based services and litigation. If you have created a protectable work, or are still developing one, an intellectual property lawyer can help assess and implement the best way to protect that work. If you already have a protected IP interest, and another party is infringing that property without authorization, a litigation lawyer can help enforce your rights.

Though intellectual property may be protected by individuals and used for their own purposes, it is very common for IP to be connected with or related to a business venture. Indeed some businesses are built solely on a piece of patented technology and generate revenue exclusively through licensing that technology. Kohler Legal has years of experience working with businesses, helping them grow from the ground up, and protect their interests along the way.

With the ever increasing capabilities of modern technology, combined with the availabilty of start-up financing, the most coveted and potentially most lucrative form of intellectual property is patent protection. Many of the most successful start-up ventures relate in some way to the Internet, whether web-based services, mobile applications, or a host of devices to access them. Our intellectual property services are not only based on experience with the law, but also thorough experience with Internet technology and web development.

Kohler Legal is uniquely placed to offer services in the areas where business, law and technology intersect. Whether you are an individual or business, need help filing an application, drafting a licensing agreement, or need representation for an IP dispute, an IP lawyer can help you. Contact us today for a free consultation.